Alternatief voor de “Groei” ook in Oostende Federico Demaria (Webinar ) Book: ‘The Case for Degrowth’

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The Case for DegrowthGiorgos Kallis,Susan Paulson,Giacomo D’Alisa,Federico Demaria

The relentless pursuit of economic growth is the defining characteristic of contemporary societies. Yet it benefits few and demands monstrous social and ecological sacrifice. Is there a viable alternative? How can we halt the endless quest to grow global production and consumption and instead secure socio-ecological conditions that support lives worth living for all? 

In this compelling book, leading experts Giorgos Kallis, Susan Paulson, Giacomo D’Alisa and Federico Demaria make the case for degrowth – living well with less, by living differently, prioritizing wellbeing, equity and sustainability.  Drawing on emerging initiatives and enduring traditions around the world, they advance a radical degrowth vision and outline policies to shape work and care, income and investment that avoid exploitative and unsustainable practices. Degrowth, they argue, can be achieved through transformative strategies that allow societies to slow down by design, not disaster. 

Essential reading for all concerned citizens, policy-makers, and students, this book will be an important contribution to one of the thorniest and most pressing debates of our era.

Ferico Demaria On environmental conflicts, see our inventory of 3000 cases around the world: Environmental Justice Atlas

On Degrowth and the State, see this article by my co-authors Giacomo and Giorgos:

On degrowth and technology, see this special issue with 20 articles:

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